A Week in Cancun

It's been a month since I left for Mexico and my sunburn has completely faded but I can still vaguely taste the tequila. This was my first trip to any sort of tropical destination, and let's just say my alabaster skin was not prepared for the wrath of the equator. None the less, Cancun was incredibly welcoming and beautiful, much like myself.

Upon arriving at Dreams Rivera Cancun, I was amazed by the open-air lobby, friendly staff and bottomless guacamole. If you've never been to an all-inclusive resort before, your life is not yet complete. It truly is the ultimate luxury experience to have all the free food and drinks at your disposal. You know I took advantage of that 24/7 room service. 

Apart from stuffing my face with everything in sight, my days consisted of sunbathing (regrettably), swim-up bars & endless entertainment. Oh, and about four naps a day because it was a vacation after all. 

I can't wait to explore more of Mexico, my Instagram is already deprived of the palm trees and crystal clear beaches.