Givenchy's Art of Perfumery

Now that I'm finally recovering from last night's food coma, I can officially say that Dave Lackie and Givenchy sure know how to host a magical evening. From being greeted with cocktails, to delicious food and beautiful decor, it was nothing short of spectacular. Not to mention being surrounded by such talented and inspiring beauty bloggers! 

Thanks to Dave, we all gathered together to learn about the magic behind Givenchy's Art of Perfumery. David Titheridge, General Manger for Givenchy Fragrances Canada, informed us on the beautiful history behind each fragrance, and how they're supposed to make you feel when wearing them. The perfumes are such a great entry-point into the luxury world for those who are a little more budget conscious.

If you're on the market for a new fragrance, Givenchy is sure to have something that will tickle your fancy. I've been forever faithful to a bottle of Jennifer Lopez perfume from 2007, but the Live Irresistible perfume has made me a whole new woman. Or maybe it was the pecan pie..