Coffee at Boxcar Social

Recently I've found myself spending less time with my contour kit, and more time scouting out good-looking baristas. I mean err.. good coffee shops. I have this idea, and tell me if I'm crazy, but I want to spotlight some of my favourite finds in Toronto. In between eyeshadow reviews, I think it might be nice to switch it up and talk about where I spend the majority of my time (apart from my couch). The city is full of unique cafés, restaurants, & independent shops. I have an entire list on my phone of places I want to try (mostly donut shops, to be honest). 

Let's start with one of the best: Boxcar Social. The gang behind it has successfully opened two different locations in the city (Summerhill being where I regulate the most), both with their own charming characteristics. If you've ever wanted a place with killer interiors, rotating craft brews, locally sourced coffee plus a worldly selection of booze, look no further! My favourite part about this place is the almost zen-like patio in the back, which turns into a fairy-lit oasis when the sun goes down. Oh, and did I mention they do delicious charcuterie as well? 

If you ever find yourself north of Bloor or in the city's east-end, stop in for a coffee or two, trust me. At the very least it will be a great addition to your Instragram page.