The Shiseido #SHAREBEAUTY Campaign

A few nights ago I was lucky enough to attend the launch of Shiseido's #ShareBeauty campaign. Held at the beautiful Thompson Hotel in downtown Toronto, I felt like the true Z-list celebrity that I am. Once I made acquaintance with the open bar and took in the view, I had the pleasure of speaking to Dave Lackie (Beauty Editor & Cityline Expert) as well as Elaine Shigeishi, who is the GM of Shiseido Canada. Both were incredibly friendly, and eager to share the campaign that had been kept under wraps for so long. 

Skip forward a few hours, and there's a room full of teary-eyed Shiseido lovers who just witnessed one of the most heartfelt and moving campaigns in years. The concept behind #ShareBeauty is simple; beauty is an emotion. It's about how you feel on the inside, rather than how you look on the outside.

If you visit a counter at a Hudson's Bay this month, you'll have the opportunity to send a letter to someone telling them why they're beautiful to you. It could be their confidence, their selflessness, their cute butt, anything! I sent mine to Harry Styles in hopes that he will fall in love with me. So take advantage and get involved in an empowering campaign, they don't come around very often.