The Lipsticks Worth Your Paycheck

It's no secret that my lipstick collection has gotten out of control. Yes, I am seeking help, don't worry. However, sometimes you just can't fight fate! A lot of lippies don't necessarily live up to their over-the-top price tags, but these three have stolen my heart and my credit card. The new Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks are as iconic as their name, so I naturally had to pick up two. Jean and Roussy, are both striking shades of pink that are so easy to apply you may need a Staples button. Perhaps my most indulgent of purchases, I have no regrets buying Tom Ford's lipstick in Plum Lush. This man does lipstick and he does lipstick right. This shade is from his matte collection, and it's beautiful and long-lasting, just how I like my men. Any splurge purchases you need to confess? No judgement here.