Amazing Arches

Let's get real for a second. We've all been told never to trust someone with bad eyebrows, but how are we defining the word "bad"? I mean, there are some obvious mishaps like accidentally shaving off the left one (we've all been there, right?), but everyone has a different eyebrow shape to suit their face. There are a couple ground rules though that apply to everyone. So grab your pen and a pair of tweezers and take note. 

Where should they start? Hold that pen in your hand along the side of your nose. Where it ends, is where your eyebrow should start. So get rid of those pesky hairs in between otherwise we'll all look like Bert from Sesame Street. 

What about the end? Swivel your pen so that it rests on the top your cheek bone. The spot where it intersects with your brow is where it should come to a stop. 

That arch though? Your arch should peak above the outer rim of your iris (the coloured part of your eye). 

Now that you've got your shape down, just pluck the excess hairs that obviously do not belong. Leave the rest, because we all know big brows are all the rage (thanks, Cara Delavingne). As far as filling them in, there's a couple different routes you can take. Personally, I'm all about the powder. I find it looks the most natural and it's a little bit easier to work with. MAC's Omega Eyeshadow is great if you're of similar colouring to me (fair, super fair). Benefit and Lise Watier both do amazing eyebrow kits that come with two different colours so you can mix to find your perfect shade. If you want something that's budge-proof, a gel like Maybelline's Brow Drama Brow Mascara could be for you. It'll leave your arches feeling crispy, but looking fabulous. 

Do you have any holy grail brow tips? Let's have 'em.