Glossier: The Breakdown


It only took three years, but Glossier is now shipping to Canada. When I heard this news, I did a similar dance to the one I did when I was a 13 year old at the Jonas Brothers concert; pure joy. Obviously I placed an order the first day of the launch, as there was several products I had been eyeing up like pizza after a night out. 

First off - everything you receive from Glossier is guaranteed to come in the world's cutest, most aesthetically pleasing packaging. The pink bubble-wrap baggie, the stickers that are now all over my apartment, and even the boxes are to die for. Whoever does their branding seriously needs to give me some design tips. 

The item I was most excited for was definitely the Birthday Balm Dot Com. As a lover of cake and anything sweet-scented, this was a match made in heaven. The texture of the balm is incredibly hydrating, but not super glossy which I enjoy. This particular flavour has the tiniest bit of shimmer which makes me feel like a tween all over again. How soon is too soon to order 10 more of these?

While we're on the topic of lips, the uber creatively named Lip Gloss is UNREAL. If you've ever wanted lips glossy enough to see your reflection, this is your product. The best part is there's almost no stickiness!

Another hyped up product is the infamous Boy Brow. Known for it's itty bitty titty committee applicator, it really does grip onto every single brow hair. You don't have to be worry about crispy, flaky brows, just perfectly set and fluffy. I have the shade Blonde, and it's perfect for low- maintenance brow days. Noticing a trend here? Everything with Glossier is so darn easy

Cloud Paintthe lightweight liquid blush you never knew you needed. I picked up the shade Puff, which honestly is a bit of a regret. It's nice, but I thought I was a lot more into baby pink blushes than I really am. The formula however is fantastic, blends like a dream, and doesn't break up your base. 

Last but certainly not least.. the Milky Jelly Cleanser. In actual fact it's not milky at all, mainly just jelly. I like this because it seems to deep clean really quickly, while still moisturizing my skin. I'm not sure if I'm breaking the rules, but if I'm having a light eye makeup day, I'll rub some on my eyes as well. The scent is interesting, supposedly smells of roses but it's almost like plastic roses. I'm willing to look past that though. 

I would have bought the entire line if my credit card would have allowed it. I'm thinking Haloscope, Super Bounce and Stretch Concealer are next on my list. I'm also starting a go-fund campaign if anyone wants to fuel my Glossier addiction. Any products you've been wanting to try?

Evenings At Lavelle


Last summer, an establishment opened that rocked my world (surprisingly, it was not an ice cream place). With arguably the best view in the entire city, Lavelle sits pretty on King West and is a hot spot amongst young professionals and pretty much anyone who enjoys a scenic dinner. 

This season, Le Jardin is the theme of their newly relaunched rooftop patio. Decked out with royal blue accents and dapper looking men, it's very easy on the eyes. I'm not sure if anyone ever actually swims in the pool, but allow me to be the first. 

If you're looking for a place to take your bae for dinner, or to sip on some cocktails with a view that's better looking than bae, than this is your place!  

A Week in Cancun

It's been a month since I left for Mexico and my sunburn has completely faded but I can still vaguely taste the tequila. This was my first trip to any sort of tropical destination, and let's just say my alabaster skin was not prepared for the wrath of the equator. None the less, Cancun was incredibly welcoming and beautiful, much like myself.

Upon arriving at Dreams Rivera Cancun, I was amazed by the open-air lobby, friendly staff and bottomless guacamole. If you've never been to an all-inclusive resort before, your life is not yet complete. It truly is the ultimate luxury experience to have all the free food and drinks at your disposal. You know I took advantage of that 24/7 room service. 

Apart from stuffing my face with everything in sight, my days consisted of sunbathing (regrettably), swim-up bars & endless entertainment. Oh, and about four naps a day because it was a vacation after all. 

I can't wait to explore more of Mexico, my Instagram is already deprived of the palm trees and crystal clear beaches. 


The Nest

After a long day at work, there's nothing quite like coming home to a space that's uniquely yours. When I was younger I imagined having a house with an indoor pool & trampoline room, but instead I've settled for a little 365 sq ft apartment. With such a small space, it was a challenge for me to fit in everything I needed to be comfortable all whilst maintaining a certain aesthetic.

I really enjoy mixing textures such as faux fur and wood, and also incorporating greenery in any blank corners. Throughout the process, Ikea has been my biggest frenemy. Everything looks great in theory, but who has three weeks to read a manual and put together a bed? Other stores I'd suggest without breaking the bank would be H&M Home, HomeSense, & Urban Outfitters. 

If you're in the process of designing your own space, try not worry about being too perfect. All the personal touches will only make your house feel more like a home. 

Considering the space I have to work with, I'm very happy with the final result. It will do just fine until I convince someone rich enough to marry me & install that trampoline room I've been daydreaming about.